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And …. the plot thickens …

on 10/29/2011

Here it is, 2 days before I start NaNoWriMo 2011 and the plot thickens. As I am re-reading my outline for the 4th time (so I can print it and work from it), I want to change a few things now I that I have the main idea down. That should be good, it would make it interesting, right?

Not with this story at least.

The direction my creative muse is going, is not where I want to go. I wanted to try something new, write outside my “comfort” zone for a change. My comfort zone is usually writing about police officers, FBI agents, NCIS agents; or writing my own “tie-in” stories about characters from TV shows. And yet, I am tempted to create an interesting “arc” for one of my characters by turning the main “male” character into a law enforcement officer to get my “law enforcement” fix in there.

That is not what this story needs right now.  I think this story would come across better as a “romance” rather than involving a crime in it to justify making the “main male” a law enforcement officer. Why have a law enforcement officer if there is no crime as part of the story? I can’t rationalize it. I will admit, there is a Marine Corps base in the town, and we know what is on a Marine Corps base. I don’t want to go that route though.

Despite reading something about sticking to one genre of writing, if I want to write a novel about “crime with a little romance”, I will do that later, or try to.

After all, right now, the main thing to do is to just WRITE.

Perhaps now might be a good time to try out that new Rory’s Story Cubes iPad app 🙂

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