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Heading Towards the End…of the Story

on 10/12/2011

Despite the fact I did a little “school work” Monday night, I also worked on my story outline.

I  am now in the stages of the climax (rising action/protagonist vs the antagonist showdown), though it took several chapters to build up to it, ok half of the story, but there is some good stuff along the way. Some of it is funny, some sad, and some inspirational.

I have a slightly huge problem though …

I don’t want to drag out the climax, then again, I don’t want to rush it either. I want my characters to explain what they are doing and why they’re doing it, but I don’t want to “drone” on chapter after chapter, just rambling either.

This is another part that is difficult for me–getting to the “point”, winding down the story, then ending the story, and leaving the characters behind to live their lives.

Many of these characters become people I so dearly cherish, and I don’t want to leave them, especially when some are modeled after beloved family and friends. I haven’t yet thought about “sequels” or follow up stories. Although, there are other “stories” I have created specifically for that purpose, this is not one of them.

Although there are a lot of characters in this story, I don’t want to end up writing a long series of books to tell stories for each set of characters. I also don’t want it to move away from the main point and focus.

Essentially this is about one woman and one man who are finally connecting with each other; the others in it are family and friends who were influential along the way. It also tells of how my “leading lady” draws strength from her family, friends and finds herself in this journey. I don’t want the story to end, but I know it can’t go on forever.

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