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Saying Goodnight To My Characters

on 10/10/2011

For me, leaving my characters and story overnight is troubling. I often want to make sure that I don’t leave anything undone or unsaid in my writing. And, I do worry about picking it back up. Will I remember where I was going? Will I still be interested?

I know I need sleep, and that if I don’t sleep, I won’t be able to focus my attention on my writing, but there is that little part of me that worries about the next day though.

I was lucky this past weekend. I gave myself a much needed break for writing. I was able to look through my notes, and I started back up where I left off. There were changes I wanted to make, and I am glad I did. It isn’t finished, not by any means. I did make some revisions to it though, which made it that much more interesting, and harder to leave behind, even if it is overnight.

I have quite a bit to do, but for now, I need sleep. My story will be there, with the notes, as will my characters. I believe they forgive me now, and know it is nothing personal. Like my family and friends, I will see them later on in the day or in the morning.


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