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on 10/09/2011

Back about 9-10 days ago I decided to enter the National Novel Writing Month 2011 Challenge (#NaNoWriMo2011). I have spent the last eight days profiling characters, outlining my story, trying to decide where I want it to take place, while still trying to do my school work; which at the time I accepted this challenge, I was in the Week 4/5 mark.

The “story” notes I have been writing down in a notebook to “plan out” as sometimes it is easier to write than type.

My characters are already profiled, complete with families, sub-families, friends, friends’ families and even jobs. It has been interesting to me to learn so much through my own family to piece this story together.

The next step was to outline the story. I will admit I got stumped a few times, so I had to walk away. It wasn’t easy, but without a sense of direction it didn’t make sense to stay.

Also, trying to write a story, thesis, discussion question and read 3 textbooks did not make for an ideal situation. I am still behind on the reading, but my work is still in the A/B grade range so I can’t complain. I will have to take some time to read those textbook chapters in the next day or so (and draft more written work for class).

Because of the fact I was all caught up, I decided to take today off from school for a change. I spent the day outlining my story, which was stuck at the Chapter 6 mark.

It could have been worse, I could have been at Chapter 5 😉 As I moved closer to the middle and ending chapters I started having more and more ideas, thoughts, notes–the story was really coming to life even though I had to fix dinner and do laundry. Being that the outline was in pen, I didn’t want to re-write it or mark it up…so I am now transitioning it from pen & paper to computer to make it easier to add those “thoughts”.  It should save time as well.

Since I am caught up with the laundry, Sunday is going to be the day I put my outline into the computer and start outlining the remainder of the story.

As always, I will leave it open to revisit my characters down the road 😉


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