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on 10/04/2011

Occasionally what “sounds” or “looks” good in our head, doesn’t always come out through the pen or computer strokes. I don’t care what it is, I have ALWAYS hated outlining. CORRECTION, I am just not that great at it. I have always stunk at outlining, be it for a school project or writing. I just couldn’t get the “hang of it”. Sometimes I add too much, other times not enough to the mix.

Finding the right balance is my main problem. Also, how much conflict to add, do I want romance, how many characters do I add? Where does the line get drawn? How much is too much? Other times I can’t even follow my own outline as my thoughts are constantly changing. That should be a good thing, but sometimes it isn’t.

Most of the times when I’ve created a story, used a technique called “free-writing”. I write what comes to me–beginning, middle, end. There is no particular order. I write until I stop, or the thoughts stop. Once I have enough “material, I start piecing it together like a jigsaw puzzle, I go back and fill in what is missing based on what I have. Even in doing that, I have ended up with more material than I needed, which is good, at least for me it is. I have completed a few stories like that, and it has done pretty good … so far.

To start from the beginning and then continue to the end is a challenge. I don’t want to “rush the story” or “drag it out”. I want to give my characters a decent background, but I don’t want to overload the readers either. I don’t want to be the only one satisfied with my work, and have the readers hate it. Then again, I don’t want the readers to love it and I don’t even want to be associated with it either … big dilemma there.

Although I have quite a bit of work done, I am now in the “over-editing” phase, in addition to getting the rest of the outline done.  So I have to put the “editor” muse on hold, in order to get through the entire outlining process, which I am sure the “creative” muse will prevail 🙂


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