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NaNoWriMo Prep–Day 3

on 10/04/2011


I am currently working on the outline for my story which I will begin next month. So far I’ve got the title, characters and partial outline done. I’d say for 3 days of prep work, that isn’t bad. Of course there is so much more I need to do. I need a “city and state” for my story to take place in as well. Although I have a few ideas, I am still in the undecided phase. But, since I am only in day 3, I think I can make it all work 🙂

However, I do feel overwhelmed. I have 4 more weeks of school left, and I am writing there as well; 2 discussion assignments and 2 papers each week. I think I am all “written” out, lol 😉 So this has been a definite challenge.

Part of me is nervous, terrified, scared and excited.  But this is an exciting new journey, so I think those feelings are normal aren’t they?


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